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There are several practical ways to bypass GFW today. However, there are a good chance that all these services will be blocked in the future.

  1. HTTP/Socks Proxy: it is possible to block all proxies. First, have a black list of all proxies on the Internet. Second, block several default proxy port: 8080, 8000, 3124 etc.

  2. Tor: it is possible to block Tor directory sever. And the speed is too slow for practical usage anyway.

  3. VPN: it is possible to block most of them by blocking all IPs from Slicehost, Rackspace, Linode and Amazon EC2 (will cover large part of them). It is possible since China has blocked all Dreamhost IPs for sometime.

4.Proprietary Software: keep blocking their central severs.

Then, China can white-list all famous (censored) sites. So, yes, it is practical to censor the Internet and block every possible way to bypass GFW.

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