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Three years ago, someone told me, “we are both achievers; we just keep scoring”. These were the days when met Ann Miura-Ko, two young men proclaimed to have no personal life whatsoever. Now, he is settled to a nomadic but comfortable life; and me, once for a while, was trapped in the conformity of day to day living. But serendipitously enough, I was always able to get the right kick, and being vigilant to the status.

“Never settle down; never compromise; never accept the status quo”. The voice deep below repeats slowly and firmly. Never being able to adjust to the uncomfortable of life, I am thrived on the suffering of living. The phoenixes reborn from their ashes. The gorgeous Rome was built after the great fire. Only the suffering makes one stronger, mentally and physically.

A few years ago, when people asked me, “what do you want to do when grown up”. I wanted to do many things that are extraordinary. Now, I only want to craft one thing, but one thing that is bigger than myself. One thing that is so demanding will completely destroy me. One thing that can define a person, not the other way around.

Life is a trap; the world is my playground.

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