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February 27th, 2013

The only place with a free sweet shop is the kindergarten.

One year ago today, dragged the two luggages with me for seven years, officially moved to the Bay area. Many told me that this year would change me quite a bit, to summarize, “in big corp, it is either becoming a schemer or being schemed”. Yes, in terms of life style, I changed a lot: leaner, stronger, and haven’t had a slice of pizza for 11 months. But no, I am neither becoming a schemer nor schemed, and am still that kid who knows the only way to play the game is to brute-force and all in, the kid who is crazy in love with all the beautiful things and wants to lick them.

It is not that one is foolish enough to be blind of the brutally cruel world with too much personal inconveniences. One cannot. But in the kindergarten, I am given the freedom to choose either developing my own sophisticate rules to adapt it, or to be shielded and being simple, therefore, focusing mental energy on important, bigger, common, human-shared inconveniences. The kindergarten treats me comfortably to make a deal with my nomadic while annoying life that dominates the past 10 years.

But the best bit in the kindergarten is that I am no longer the only kid with crazy impractical ideas, and adults took them all seriously to discuss and put in motion if possible. Oh, these amazingly cool, handsome and knowledgeable adults, so eagerly trying to learn as much from them I am!

While running faster, asked myself, what would be like in the kindergarten for the next 6 months? Cannot wait.

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February 19th, 2013