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-The Future of Life and Computing


The world is changing. There are many differences from 20 years before and it will be more different 20 years later. What will it be? That is what we should do now.


With the development of technology, our life will be easier. What does easy life mean? It means we can live comfortably without caring life details. More intelligent electric are needed.


Powerful computing is the basic of those complicated intelligent algorithm. Who leads the future of super computing? The future of computing is O(1). Who could reduce O(N) to O(1), O(2^N) to O(N) will be the future. Grid, cluster can approach the aim, but couldn’t reach the aim. Quantum computer may be the best candidate among them. How to make a quantum computer is still an unsolved problem. We don’t know the details of a quantum computer yet.


Intelligent algorithm is a big challenge on computer ability. But there is much things need to be done today. Traditional artificial intelligence is a perfect thought on human’s brain pattern. Searching is man’s only ability in solving problems. More efficient searching based on background knowledge will be developed. Artificial neural network will play a important role in artificial intelligence with a long time, but ANN can’t reach the goal to build a hominine brain. A hominine brain must be an invention of new technology in searching method.


However, it should be my duty to do this.

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