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Several design concepts emerged today were derived from the simple goal “get work done asap”. The goal is so simple that made these modern concepts can be found from business model to scalable system. The GWDA concepts move the focus out of “user-friendly”, instead, it assume that user can understand the basic mechanism to get their work done. But GWDA doesn’t only claim the importance of functionality. Maybe, with less functionality, user can do things better.

There are different definitions of user depends on what the actual work is. For business model, apparently, it is the customer. For web-UI, it is the web user or member. For scalable system, it can be the computer farm. For rapid development, it can be the programmer.

The first important thing for GWDA concept is to define your user. If you build the basic facilities for massive cluster, you have to define your user as both programmers and computing facilities. For the good of your computing facility, your design should resist to system failure as that is the nature of computer farm. For the good of the programmer, your design should fail fast, log as much as possible and decouple to tiny & reliable parts.

{ to be continued }

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