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It is a year of undesirable, unfulfilled, and so much left to be done. When I looked back of the past year, it seems that Facebook’s Year in Review is just not a good representation of what I’ve done in this year, so here goes my own year in review.

Graduated from University of Virginia, I still miss the university life. Missing the days that I can learn something unexpected, learn new strange stories, oh, the God, I miss these indigenous arts and stories from Bangalore, these LEGO motherboards and these free computing hours on Ranger the supercomputer. Missing these days I had only 20 dollars for 20 days of living.

Joined Facebook, released the first software I wrote that is used by millions of people. Have a regular life that go to work at 9:40 and go back home at 7:10. Settled and unpacked the 2 luggages with me for 3 years, falling in love with Mountain View and never home-sicking again.

Released ccv 0.1, and then 0.2, 0.3 until 0.4. I am so glad that many people loved it and agree with my philosophy of starting this project. It is premature and has many bugs, I haven’t finished the commercial-grade face detector that I promised for 2 months, the HTTP API is still a demonstration more than a usable one (lacking of uploaded photo cache), there are so many things that I need to do before this thing becomes serious.

Finally became serious about the patent reforming idea and the self-driving cars. I have so many ideas and so little have done with them.

Got rid of Red-bull and Monster, or energy drinks in general. Learned that excessive intake of B-6 will end up with sensory polyneuropathies. Get into alcoholism and fully know that will cause amnesia.

Lost 30 pounds, and continuing build my body to reach my genetic potential.


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