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翻出了四年前Google Team回复的邮件,做了个对比,发现Google长大了哦!

发件人 : <>
发送 : 2002年9月7日 2:33:07
收件人 : [隐藏]
主题 : Re: [#843178]
Thanks for your note about problems accessing Google. We have been notified by several users that our site has been blocked in the People's Republic of China. We're working with Chinese authorities to resolve the issue. We appreciate your concern and your taking the time to write to us.
There have been recent reports that we provide dyanamic IP addresses to users who email us.  This information is incorrect.  We apologize for any inconvenience this false report may have caused you. We appreciate your interest in using Google and look forward to helping you with your search needs in the future.
The Google Team


发件人 : <>
日期 : 2006-2-4 上午5:44 
收件人 : [隐藏]
主题 : [乱码]

亲爱的 Google 用户:
谢谢您的来信。Google 桌面目前还不提供修改辅助工具字体的办法。我们十分感激您的建议,并且已经将它添加到提议列表中。用户反馈信息对我们至关重要。我们正努力在将来进行各方面的改进,敬请耐心等待。
Google 小组敬上

Original Message Follows:

IssueType: Howto
GDSLocale: zh_CN
Language: cn


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