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October 14th, 2012

Found there is a description section under “Religious Views” and “Political Views”, I decided to spend 10 minutes to fill them out, and here it is, all start with “I believe”:

Religious Views: Atheist

I believe that there is no God, not even “natural Gods” in the current universe. We are the result of a big randomization process that governed by a set of randomized rules. Thus, there is no purpose other than the pursuit of optimizing on the set of randomized rules that began with. The concept of causation is very doubtful. It will be proven sooner or later that causation is an illusion that only exists because the limit of our perspective and cannot see things spontaneously. The rareness of conscious beings is far overrated. The realization of consciousness is only a mere temporary assistance to the med-long-term survival of individuals and there is no prestigious in such.

Political Views: Liberal

I believe that the stabilization we enjoyed less than a century is a temporal and localized phenomenon. Such ordering and prosperity cannot be expected to last long. As the individual is more empowered with advanced tools and technologies, a people’s government will face more challenges in satisfying more diversified needs, and it will be proven to be impossible. Thus, I believe the densely populated metropolises, cities and suburbans will be rotten with demolished government power, and the population needs to be much more sparsely distributed (one person per 100 mile square or less) to continue their existence.