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April 27th, 2007

This comment is personal, limited share with friends. It only reflects writer’s taste to these projects.

Projects of this year contain wireless technology, basic algorithm, pattern recognition and virtual reality. A new trend is the greatly increasing number of the project on quantum computer, both the algorithm and implementation. It is very hard to figure out that how those talents to implement quantum algorithm only with their minds.

I edited and commented the following projects personally. This year, I am trying to comment all projects on list, but due to the limited information and also the limits of my knowledge, it may not be accurate.

CS001 Mixed Reality and Its Application in the Realm of Medical Rehabilitation
A solution of medical imaging. One of the difficulties is that some data may be too sick to construct the 3d model. Due to that limitation, a learning strategy must be embedded to confront that problem. Above that, in fact, there are many products of medical rehabilitation, so the innovation points are rare to find.

CS002 The Quantum Graph Coloring Oracle
I have little difficult to understand the title and I am not good at quantum computer blablalala. One thought that came to my mind is the time complexity. A new solution to typical problem such as Hamilton Circle?

CS003 Improper Fractional Base Encryption
A encryption based on that consideration, some fragments could never reflects any detailed information of the whole messenger? Another Hufoo?

CS004 The Hardware and Software Framework “Analystic-Expert” for Ecological Monitoring and Medical Diagnostics
A generic tool. To create that tool, the only thing you need is patience and questionnaires.

CS005 Pizza Pantenna: Building and Testing a Cheap WiFi Antenna
In Chinese, we call it GuoGai. But it may be very useful in my situation… To access wireless hotspot on balcony.

CS006 Computer Simulation of Erosion Patterns
Erosion patterns… I don’t know the author mentioned the simulation of erosion process on computer or the erosion algorithm in computer graph or . I guess it is former. If so, another hard-working project.

CS007 WiFi: A Blueprint for Success
Of course, WiFi is the most wonderful thing that invented in past three years. The project may be related to a deployment of WiFi hotspot?

CS008 Blocking Signals
Wondering… Signals, Blocking, what do you mean?

CS009 Making Waves: A 3D Software Simulation of Wave Creation and Propagation
Wave, wave again. Does it very hard or have any significant impact if we have a high resolution of wave simulation. I didn’t mean it is useless. But it may be expended to a more meaningful idea.

CS010 What Kinds of Colors Are Used in the Virtual Games and Which Would Be Better to Be Used in Designing These Virtual Games?
Colors? The most important factor of colors in virtual game of course is reality! Because of the development of display device, it is more like a designing problem, not a computer science problem.

CS011 StarOs Doors 2.0
I don’t know what is StarOs. A security software that protects personal computer? I really have no idea of that.

CS012 Computer Aided Instruction in the Modern Classroom
A package of deploying computers in teaching. The author must be a engineer, not a computer scientist.

CS013 Construction of Virtual Axonal and Dendritic Morphology Based on Properties Extracted from Classes of Neurons
Very interesting title. A simulation of neurons. There are too much have done to extended traditional neuron model, but less of them became the standard solution in applying neurons. How about your application, guy?

CS014 Applications of Multi-Valued Quantum Algorithms
A implementation of a dozen of quantum algorithms. I think there must be a quantum computer already on his display.

CS015 Gender Determination Using Facial Images
A very classic two-class classification problem. Extracting features and training classifier, that is all.

CS016 Free Mouse

**CS017 GENErator-The Next Generation: The Hybridization of Genetic and Analytical Algorithms for Gene Sequencing
**For Gene Sequencing… I am sorry, I don’t know.

CS018 Ping Me! Optimizing Code for Cluster Computing
Yesterday, I’ve talked with friends about the cluster. Ping me… Every cluster software have a rule to eliminate bad computers. What is the different of Ping method?

CS019 Listen to the Next Generation of Beethoven’s Compositions Digital Music Generator Using Fractal and Genetic Crossover Concepts
An auto music composer? Very interesting and less usability.

CS020 Organization of Multiboot in Windows NT
What is the use of that function?????

CS021 Physics World
A totally virtual reality project. Very complicated design. One person…

CS022 Aiding the Visually Impaired Through the Use of Integrated Computer Systems
A design for those visually impaired is more like a social project. Above that, an integrated computer system will not only do benefit to visually impaired.

CS023 Calcuvision: A Calculator for the Visually Impaired
Visually impaired will use it. But how about us?

CS024 Knowledge Diagnosing System Based on Probabilistic Dependency
Automatic diagnose is really important? Who should be responsible to the mis-diagnose? Designer, owner or society? Furthermore, the doctor in India is cheap, too. Of course, probability method is the classic one of classification works. Before that, a comfortable computer-aid diagnosing system is much more useful to doctors.

CS025 Calculated Relevance of Information Through Keywords
Relevance of text information… Keywords… I can’t got any idea of innovation under this title.

CS026 Two-dimensional Pattern Identification by Moment Invariants
Yes, moment invariant is very useful for low-resolution images. But only NMI can do nothing.

CS027 Enhancing Password Verification with Keystroke Using Sequence Alignment Analysis
The habits are changing with the time. The keystroke of a person can be very different under several situations. That is the problem, and in my mind, there will be no solutions.

CS028 Firewall
Firewall… Software… Hardware… I got nothing but confusion.

CS029 FDIS: A Fast Frequency Distribution Based Interpolation Search Algorithm
A dynamic ATL?

CS030 Acoustic Music Similarity Analysis
To calculate the music similarity, I think that HMM still the first-choice algorithm.

CS031 Genetic Algorithm Analysis in a C++ Coding Environment
Another source insight?

CS032 Effects of Driver Behavior on Traffic Flow
Very practical project.

CS033 Lucanidae Action Pattern Simulator

CS034 Robot Vision: A Mutual Entropy-based Algorithm Through Scene Recognition from Image Sequences for Terrestrial and Planetary Exploration
Key-scene detection and… hough transform? It should be a team work, complex work.

CS035 Programming a Pandemic Simulation: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Medical Response Procedures
A mathematic model, it is not a computer science project at all.

CS036 The Effectiveness of Character Recognition Using Self-modifying Matrices
Self-modifying… I think that it is another saying of self-organization.

CS037 A Java-based Genetic Algorithm Stock Screening Program for Maximizing Return on Investment: Show Me the Money
Star Craft… Why the author emphasize Java-based? The key of the project is the mathematic model. So, it is a math project again.

CS038 Mp3 Switching: Tracking Data Information Downloads to Mp3 Files Using Php, Mysql, and Apache
A copyright protected solution? Hate the copyright.

CS039 Differentiating Random Sequences with a Genetic Algorithm
I understand every word, but I don’t get the idea….

CS040 Comparing Random Number Generators: Multiply with Carry Generator vs. Combined Linear Congruential Generator
Random Number Generator… What is the innovation?

CS041 Spoofing the Sensors
Why is it not an EN project!!!!!

CS042 Decomposition of Medical Imaging Algorithms to Optimize for Multi-Core Computer Architecture
An optimization for multi-core. It is very easy to get the initial idea of decomposition, what is the difficult part?

CS043 Three-dimensional Scanning of Small Objects
The author got the point. Scanning small objects is still a challenge. Due to the length of structure light, the rapid transmit of LASER, the error of stereo vision, it will be a useful direction.

CS044 Creating a Transparent and Interactive Genetic Platform
I don’t know why everyone wants to create “platform”.

CS045 Neural Network Topologies for Number Recognition
An already solved problem. It is really worth to put so much energy to re-invent a algorithm? Not a wisely choice.

CS046 Quantum Cluster Algorithms: Unsorted Database Search and Modular Exponentiation
Quantum Cluster… NB… Great…

CS047 Health Monitoring Applications for Mobile Devices
A funny EN project.

CS048 AI: Learning to Navigate a Maze with Reinforcement Learning
Navigate maze… I used to think that it was solved in 1960s.

CS049 Smart Web Builder
Will there be any significant innovation??

CS051 KeyGlove: a Hand Keyboard for the Visually Impaired
How the visually impaired handle the glove?

CS052 The Preinka Cultures

CS301T The Effective Operation of a Tactical, Wireless Robotics Unit Through the Incorporation of a Wi-fi Capable Parabolic Dish: A Year Two Study
Haha, a group of robots! I want many small robots, too… But I don’t have the cash…

CS302T Development of a Generic System for Accurate Handwriting Recognition in Any Language
Handwriting? Online or offline? Online handwriting recognition was already mature.

CS303T Prototype Two: Connected Components, Histogram Intersection, and Centroid Tracking to Identify Static Objects—A Threat Detection Program
Detection with histogram in fact is far from what we expected. But I didn’t see any other feature extractor as I expected. So, I doubt the robustness of the method.

CS304T Wireless Integrated Security Extension (WISE): A Novel Approach for Securing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems Against Cyber Attacks
Testing, testing result….

CS305T Optical Shooting-Range
Who can tell me what is this?

CS306T Introducing Hufoo Algorithm and Implementing in 802.11 Wireless Network Security
Not as robust as we expected again…

CS307T Don’t Tump Over: A Heuristic Cargo Hold Model
Optimization algorithm? Taboo search?

CS308T Factors, Forces and Forecasting Stock Market Modeling and Simulation
How much money the author already made with his “novel” method?

CS309T CLAP (Componente de Laser Adaptado al Pie)
Component of Laser Adaptation blablalalala……..

CS310T Mondo Mente
What’s the hell going on here….

CS311T Strategic Sudoku Solutions
Sudoku! I love that but isn’t it very easy to implement an program to solve Sudoku problem.

CS312T Easy Route—The Tool for Logiests
A route. A device that first invented in 1970s?

CS313T Newton’s Method Optimization
I think Newton-Laplace is perfect…

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April 24th, 2007



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