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Birthdays are often joyless for me. I’ve yet to find this as an excuse to celebrate for. But the clock is ticking, and every time, it kicks me hard on the back this day of the year. It is always a thing for me to accomplish something, to set a goal, and work towards it. But looking back, I’ve done nothing tangible, not even to mention worthy causes. When I die, I die.

硅谷老是说,让世界变得更美好。再年轻一点的时候,也觉得热血沸腾。But now, I only want to touch lives. So be it one, or two, or many. 但是成长这么大,除了父母,也没有人会在乎我是活着还是死去了。过去三四年,却也没有做成什么事情。Life is not about a house, a car or a pack of children. What I want, is to make beautiful objects and put these into people’s hands.


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